Copper Cupolas - One Way To Beautify Your Home

New England Styles

New England has its own sense of style. From the first days of the English beginnings here we have developed a culture that is rooted in Puritanism, but yet has evolved far from that over time. It is a unique blend of both frontier attitude, and sophisticated sensibilities. We put pumpkins in our beer - these lumpy, oddly shaped squashes (and I for one look forward to it every autumn). Yet we are host to some of the oldest and finest universities not only in the nation, but in the world. We throw lobsters into a pot of boiling water, then tear them apart with our hands and eat them (and the only thing that would make this activity better is a pumpkin beer!). On the other hand, has anyone been to Tanglewood to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra or the Boston Pops? 


As New Englanders, we identify with this sophisticated frontiersman sensibility, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our homes reflect this contrast. The design of the classic New England home, the colonial, was uniquely developed by our English ancestors who were on a frontier in this place. They found themselves in a new land with vast amounts of woods, which were used to develop our unique architecture. But on any beautiful New England home, new or old, is some sophisticated beautifuying element, such as copper cupolas. 

History of Cupolas

Copper cupolas are one of the nicest ways to beautify your home, or any building for that matter. The word derives from the latin cupella, meaning "small cup". This is because they resembled a small cup placed upside down. They have had a variety of uses through the ages, from topping domes on catherdrals, to ventilating barns. In New England, copper cupolas were used most often for the latter, as ventilation on Barns. 


How To Beautify Your Home

Well, that isn't really true. Cupolas were used on barns, but not copper cupolas. Those are used today to beautify our homes, and as an homage to our frontier roots, while adding a bit of sophistication to our homes. And I must say, they perform both of those functions gracefully. While there are many options for what you can do with copper on a home, copper cupolas are one of the nicest, and one that fits so well in this place of sophisticated frontiership. We encourage you to take a look at our copper page of our website for inspiration, then to contact us so we can begin planning a project with you!

Brian Lyman