Rubber Roof Leak Repair

In New England, we all know that the weather can be dramatic. Any given year can include more rain than Seattle (little known fact), snow, hail, blistering heat, high winds, Nor'easters, hurricanes, or even tornadoes. This causes damage to roofs. Fortunately the industry has created quick and effective solutions for these problems. No matter what kind of roof you have - asphalt, rubber, aluminum, copper - our crew is able to quickly assess any roof leak, find it's source, and patch it.

Roof leaks are not something you should have to live with. If roof leaks are allowed to continue they can begin to soak the insulation beneath them, which really causes problems once winter arrives. Kevin Lyman Roofing has the experience and the materials to give your roof leak a long term solution. And more often than not flat rubber roof leaks require only a quick and simple solution. Protect the life of your roof, as well as everything it covers, by calling us today to repair your rubber roof leak!